Summit have conducted trials since 1992 producing a range of results on major nutrients, trace elements, relationship between new varieties of crops and nutrients and many more. Most years Summit conduct between 30 and 50 Field Research trials.

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Trials 2016

2016 was a good season over most of Western Australia. Good seasons put pressure on soil nutrient supply, making results from Field Trials more relevant. Summit conducted trials across the state, looking at all the important nutrients and interactions. Once again the results are interesting and of great use to farmers. Please contact your local Summit Fertilizers Area Manager if you have any queries about the trials.

Trial Description
Perenjori 2016 A long-term trial to assess how wheat responds to N and P fertilizer applications after gypsum and lime application with and without incorporation 
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Cordering 2016 To compare and contrast the effects of liquid fertilisers (UAN & MAXamFLO) on the growth and yield of canola over three consecutive years.
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Muntadgin 2016 We were looking for nitrogen and phosphorus responses in the presence of potassium. Part of an ongoing series of trial across the state.
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Binnu 2016

To test and calibrate the extension of nitrogen-rich strips (N Gauges), NDVI measurement and the In-Season Nitrogen Calculator to assist in mid-season nitrogen decisions.

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Summaries of some trials are available here.

  • Phosphorus x Nitrogen responses in Wheat at Bonnie Rock. Click Here


  • Phosphorus x Nitrogen responses in Wheat at Dowerin. Click Here


  • Phosphorus x Nitrogen responses in Canola at Dowerin. Click Here