Aim: To compare and contrast the effects of liquid fertilisers (UAN & MAXamFLO) on the growth and yield of canola over three consecutive years.

Key Messages:

  • In 2016, GT50 canola responded significantly to applied Nitrogen (N) with 150 kg/ha optimising yield and gross margin.
  • In this trial, MAXamFLO supplied N as efficiently and effectively as UAN in terms of yield and gross margin. It also supplied a source of sulphur(S), however this had no immediate effect on yield advantage. 
  • Based on pending individual farm, freight and storage costs, MAXamFLO is a viable liquid nitrogen alternative and S source.


This trial ran for three consecutive years where 2014 was sown to Scope barley, 2015 to Bass barley and 2016 to GT50 RR canola. Figures 5 and 6 highlight the compounded yield and gross margin results for all of the seasons. A consistent positive response to applied N was measured at each harvest. Compounded yield ranged from 5t/ha where nil N was applied to 10t/ha where 150kg/ha of N was applied each year. Compounded gross returns ranged from $1,728 for nil N to $2,759 where 150kg/ha of N was applied.

Average response curves for the three seasons indicated that 150kg/ha of N maximised yield, but gross margin was optimised between 75 and 100kg/ha of N. No significant differences were measured between sources of N. The optimal liquid fertiliser would depend on each growers on-farm costs, equipment set up, and value of S in their enterprise.

Figure 1. Compounded gross margin ($/ha) for 2014, 2015 and 2016 data for N supplied as MAXamFLO or UAN.






  • In 2016, canola responded significantly to applied N with 150kg/ha optimising yield and gross margin.
  • Average compounded results for the three years indicates between 75 and 100kg/ha of N each year to optimise gross margin, without taking into account individual crop and season requirements.
  • No significant difference in yield between UAN and MAXamFLO in supplying N, hence cannot attribute any results to the S content of MAXamFLO.
  • Without entering farm freight and storage costs, in this trial applying your nitrogen with MAXamFLO does not significantly differ from UAN in yield or gross margin. Depending on each grower’s enterprise; it may be worth considering MAXamFLO for its added source of sulphur.