Summit introduced coating services in 1997. We currently coat IMPACT® (or Endure - double strength Flutriafol formulation) onto fertilizers for the control of Blackleg in Canola and various leaf and root diseases of cereals.

Key Benefits

  • Safer and easier than on farm coating
  • We achieve close to 100% coverage
  • Helps control Blackleg in Canola and some leaf diseases in cereals
  • Can be used on a wide range of Summit products, such as DAPSZC®, MAPSZC®, Vigour® and the MAXam Range.

Other products may be coated if requested. Speak to your local Summit area manager to find out what products are suitable.

IMPACT In-Furrow rates and Handling


Syngenta UNIFORM® provides control of Rhizoctonia in wheat and barley crops - a disease of significant economic cosequence to growers. UNIFORM® also provides control of Pythium of wheat and barley and Stripe Rust of wheat.

In-furrow application of UNIFORM®