DAPSZC lite was introduced to supply a fertilizer with more trace elements than DAP but less than DAPSZC®.

DAPSZC lite contains plant valuable copper and zinc. DAPSZC lite will supply adequate trace elements in reduced tillage situations without compromising on quality.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent handling
  • Adequate levels of Trace Elements
  • DAPSZC has been a proven performer for many years. DAPSZC lite will be it's equal
  • Suitable for IMPACT® coating
  • Cost effective


Product Analysis (%) Bulk Density
  N P S Cu Zn Mn t/m3
DAPSZC Lite 17.3 18.8 5.9 0.07 0.13 0.07 0.98

For a higher level of trace elements try the new MAPSZC Lite or check out the information on DAPSZC® and MAPSZC®