"Five Products Designed to Get the Best From Your Legume Crops"

Also see the "PASTURE" fertilizers page as these may also be suitable for legume crops.

Key Benefits

  • Fully granulated products
  • Sustained release sulphur
  • Suits legume based pastures, grain legumes and pulses
  • Concentrated formulation means less freight and handling


Product Analysis (%) Bulk Density
  N P K S Cu Zn Mo (ppm) Mn Ca t/m3
Legume  9.8 20.2   6.1       3.00   0.99
Legume Plus 8.3 17.1   8.4       7.00   1.02
Legume K 6.8 14.1 12.5 8.4       3.00   1.03

The legume cropping range is designed to supply all pulse crops and pastures with sufficient nutrients. Other products that may be suitable can be found in the pasture fertilizer range.