UAN - free flowing nitrogen source.

MAXamFLO - Nitrogen and sulphur in a liquid fertilizer

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Benefits of Liquids

  • Ease of handling and storage
  • Flexibility and uniformity in placement of fertilizer
  • Doesn't break down between seasons in storage
  • Handles well in all seeding conditions
  • Uniform composition of nutrients and uniform bulk density
  • Reduced dependence on spreading contractors

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For more details on Summit Fertilizers liquid range see our liquids manual

Whilst it has become common practise to use Liquid Fertilizers as a carrier for other chemicals, and in many cases this is successful, Summit Fertilizers do not recommend this practise because of the many unknown variables that may affect the mixture - from simple things like the temperature of the mix through to complex chemical reactions that may take place. Customers use these mixtures at their own risk.

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