Summit Liquid Nitrogen Products - A free flowing source of nitrogen & sulphur, Summit Fertilizers liquid N range is suitable for broad acre application either pre sowing or post crop germination. They offer a high level of nitrogen option to farmers looking for increased application windows and flexibility. 

Benefits of Summit UAN

  • Ease of handling and storage
  • Flexibility and uniformity in placement of fertilizer
  • Fully water soluble for rapid uptake of nutrients
  • Doesn't break down between seasons in storage
  • Handles well in all seeding conditions
  • Reduced dependence on spreading contractors
Product Analysis (%) Bulk Density
  N K S  
UAN (w/w) 32.0     1.32
UAN (w/v) 42.2      
MAXamFLO (w/w) 22   6.2 1.26
MAXamFLO (w/v) 27.7   7.8  

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