1. The term “compatibility” in this context refers to the ability of the chemical to physically mix with liquid fertilizer and be used through standard boom spray equipment.

  2. It does not mean that the efficacy of the chemical is not degraded.

  3. These tests have been carried out under laboratory conditions so many factors may vary between these observations and practical use in the field.

  4. Summit recommends all formulations should have at least 20% water added. Some, as marked in the list, require more water - from 40% to 70% - to ensure adequate mixing.

  5. Order of mixing:
    a) Water
    b) Chemical
    c) Adjuvant
    d) Liquid Fertilizer

  6. Agitation. Some of the chemicals used will separate from the liquid fertilizer if agitation is not adequate. Summit recommends that at least 300 litres per minute of bypass flow is used. Alternatively a separate agitation pump should be fitted.

  7. It is NOT recommended that the mix be left in tanks for extended periods with no agitation. Summit recommend the tank is emptied of all chemical before leaving. If this is not possible, thorough agitation before restarting is required - checking that adequate mixing has occurred.

  8. There are many factors that may affect compatibility. Summit have checked a wide range of active ingredients for compatibility but not all formulations have been tried. If planning to use a formulation or brand that is not listed, make sure a suitable jar test is performed before committing to use that chemical with a liquid fertilizer. Similarly, if attempting to use a mix of chemicals a jar test is strongly recommended. Other factors that can affect compatibility are simple things like water temperature, pH, water hardness and impurities.

  9. Scorch can occur when liquid fertilizers are used. Recovery from scorch is usually rapid (about 1 week). Factors that can influence the amount of scorch include: the addition of oils, product formulation, moisture on the leaf, rainfall, temperature, rate of product and dilution, growth stage and growing conditions.

  10. MAXamFLO is gentler on the crop than UAN.

  11. Liquid fertilizers do not replace adjuvants.

  12. Do not put dissolvable bags into liquid fertilizer - either pre-dissolve in water before adding to the tank, or open the bags and add chemical to the tank.