"The Worlds Best Handling Fertilizer Has Just Got Better."

Key Benefits

  • Compound fertilizer with all nutrients in every granule
  • Exceptional handling characteristics
  • Top up levels of trace elements
  • Maintenance levels of sulphur
  • Ideal for no-till systems. Suitable for IMPACT® coating


Product Analysis (%) Bulk Density
  N P S Cu Zn Mo (ppm) Mn t/m3
MAPSZC® 11.6 19.8 8.0 0.20 0.40   0.10 1.03

MAPSZC® was developed by Summit. MAP has long been known as the worlds best handling fertilizer, but contains low sulphur levels.

MAPSZC® was designed for all cereal and canola crops and as a starter fertilizer for Lupins and Pulse crops.

MAPSZC® has higher levels of trace elements than DAPSZC®