MAPSZC lite was introduced to supply a fertilizer with more trace elements than MAP but less than MAPSZC®. MAPSZC lite contains valuable copper and zinc. MAPSZC lite will supply adequate trace elements in reduced tillage situations without compromising on quality.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional handling characteristics
  • Adequate levels of trace elements
  • Starter levels of sulphur
  • Ideal for no-till systems
  • Suitable for IMPACT® coating


Product Analysis (%) Bulk Density
  N P S Cu Zn Mo (ppm) Mn t/m3
MAPSZC Lite 11.4 21.0 5.6 0.12 0.24   0.06 0.99

For a range of different trace element levels try the new DAPSZC Lite or check out the information on DAPSZC® and MAPSZC®