Summit introduced coating services in 1997. We currently coat IMPACT® (or Endure - double strength Flutriafol formulation) onto fertilizers for the control of Blackleg in Canola and various leaf and root diseases of cereals.

Key Benefits

  • Safer and easier than on farm coating
  • We achieve close to 100% coverage
  • Helps control Blackleg in Canola and some leaf diseases in cereals
  • Can be used on a wide range of Summit products, such as DAPSZC®, MAPSZC®, Vigour® and the MAXam Range.

Other products may be coated if requested. Speak to your local Summit area manager to find out what products are suitable.

Impact and Endure Coating 

Syngenta UNIFORM® provides control of Rhizoctonia in wheat and barley crops - a disease of significant economic cosequence to growers. UNIFORM® also provides control of Pythium of wheat and barley and Stripe Rust of wheat.

In-furrow application of UNIFORM®