Our fungicide coating service offers growers a safer and easier option compared to on-farm coating. With our state of the art equipment, fungicide can be coated on close to 100% of granules, which is vital to ensure fungicide efficacy and distribution.

We currently coat Impact® (Endure - double strength Flutriafol formulation) and UNIFORM® fungicides.


  • Active ingredient: Flutriafol.
  • Supplied to Summit by FMC.
  • Helps control Blackleg in Canola and various root and leaf diseases of cereals such as Stripe Rust and Take-all.
  • Long lasting residual effect.
  • For further information, view the tech note.


  • Active ingredients: Azoxystrobin and Metalaxyl-M
  • Supplied to Summit by Syngenta.
  • Provides control of Rhizoctonia and Pythium in wheat & barley, in addition to control and suppression of various other fungal diseases.
  • For further information, view the tech note.

Our premium and full compound fertilizers are best suited for fungicide coating, however other products may be coated if requested. Growers should speak to their local Area Manager for further details.