Winter 2020

  • Challeging times over the past few months.
  • Field Research team up for the 2020 challenge.
  • Get the best bang for your buck from nitrogen.
  • New partnership brings satellite NDVI imagery to clients.
  • Balancing pasture growth for more grazing value.
  • TransPlus give Summit's 24/7 despatch the 'thumbs up'.
  • Liebig’s Law: Still a good model for thinking about crop production.
  • Shed loads of gains from on-farm storage.

Spring 2020

  • Reap the rewards with an early fertilizer order.
  • 2020 field trial tour - a focus on P nutrition.
  • Key areas of nutrition research for 2020.
  • MAPSZC handles conditions other fertilizers can’t.
  • Reintroduced technology working wonders on Neville's farm.
  • Taking Summit Fuel Gauges to the next level.
  • Making use of NDVI.
  • People behind the Summit business.
  • Fertilizers and granule distribution.
  • New Koorda business takes on Summit Agency.

Winter 2019

  • Fuel Gauges - An agronomists take
  • The key drivers of grain protein
  • In season crop nutrition tips
  • A cheap boost for winter feed
  • MAXamFlo an ideal N:S balance
  • Summit and APAL a proud partnership
  • New Summit appointments
  • Plant analysis

Spring 2019

  • The strength of local field research
  • Esperance Field Tour
  • Summit adds value
  • Welcome Mark Ladny
  • The benefits of using top quality fertilizer
  • A fresh look at manganese nutrition 
  • Meeting the higher demand for nutrients
  • Superior quality MAPSZC

Autumn 2020

  • Fine tuning 2020 fertilizer decisions
  • Canola returns after soil amelioration
  • Compound vs coated fertilizers
  • Soil chemistry and manganese availability
  • Better manganese uptake from compounded MAP&Mn
  • Summit Technical Services
  • Lets connect with SummitConnect
  • Staff changes

Winter 2018

  • Fuel Gauge farmer stories
  • Soil mineralisation
  • Field Research Update
  • SummitConnect
  • Deferred payment terms
  • Collaborative research: GRDC
  • Key attributes of quality fertilizers
  • Dairy farmer of the year
  • Strategic use of N on pastures
  • VIGOUR and MAPSZC products of choice

Spring 2018

  • SummitQ - part of the Fertilizer Supply Offer
  • Area Managers updated on 2018 field trial tour
  • How we go about our business
  • Updates to the Summit App
  • What to consider when spending your fertilizer $
  • Fuel Gauges highlight paddock amelioration opportunities
  • Season shaping up well at Kalannie



Autumn 2019

  • Fine tuning fertilizer decisions
  • New tools for SummitQ
  • Value to crops from nitrogen after pasture legumes
  • Faster 'pay-back' from soil amelioration
  • Timing nitrogen can influence canola flowering without impinging yield
  • Summit launches new SMS and email service
  • Summit UAN and MAXamFLO mixing compatabilities
  • Large collaborative trials already yielding results                       


Autumn 2018

  • Research: P & K needs after canola
  • Lupin response to P
  • Autumn pasture nutrition
  • Extensive high quality pasture range
  • P drilled with the seed comes out on top
  • Superior handling MAPSZC
  • Grower trials highlight the importance of Vigour
  • N & P, with or without K
  • Riding the rollercoaster of 2017


 Spring 2017

  • For 2018, start with soil tests
  • Customer focus at summit
  • Fuel Gauge update
  • Collaborative field trials
  • Soil amelioration x N x P
  • Summit awarded for excellence at field days
  • Hort blends hit the mark
  • Key quality ingredients 

Winter 2017

  • New Agency future at Summit
  • Access to the latest information at the Field Days
  • High qulaity, easy handling seeding fertilizer
  • More Sulphur in MAPSZC and DAPSZC
  • Summit's New LIQUID DESPATCH
  • 2017 Research Update
  • Seeder setup to feed the crop not the weeds

Autumn 2017

  • Summit's Fuel Gauges
  • MAXamFlo and Aviator Xpro
  • Summer rains and soil nutrients
  • Changes to SummitConnect
  • Potassium Story


Spring 2016

  • Summit's largest Field Research Program
  • SummitConnect
  • Summit 2016 FSO
  • Growers, hear their stories
  • Yield forecast tools tested in Esperance
  • SummitQ a it at Field Days
  • Spring fertilizer to boost pasture production.

Winter 2016

  • Make the best nitrogen decisions
  • Hidden Hunger
  • What nitrogen source suits you
  • 2016 Field Trials update
  • Fuel Gauges in 2016
  • Plant Analysis
  • Strategic use of Nitrogen on pastures
  • See us at the machinery field days.

Autumn 2016

  • Confidence with Fuel Gauges
  • The value of Adding Potassium
  • Forms of potassium
  • 2015 Trials - observations
  • SummitConnect
  • Product quality - why is it important
  • Changes to trucking weights and measures
  • Summit commits to increased UAN storage
  • High quality pasture fertilizers
  • Improved Summit Pasture
  • Extended despatch times for a busy season
  • Spreading trials
  • The true cost of SOA
  • How to handle high humidity situations



Spring 2015

  • Buying Fertilizer from Summit
  • SummitQ - Quality Technical Services
  • Fertilizer Quality
  • Extensive range - we've got you covered.
  • New Vigour
  • Meet some of our people
  • Customised fertilizers

Winter 2015

  • Getting the best from your investment
  • Summit Field trials in 2015
  • What this years soil tests have revealed.
  • Wheat response to potassium and nitrogen
  • Get Connected