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  • Working together for Agriculture

    16 November 2018

    Summit Collaboration

    Each year Summit conducts more than 30 field trials across the farming areas of Western Australia.

    In 2018 we have been part of an ongoing research project, funded by the GRDC, looking at the major nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

    The project is titled “Increasing profit from N, P and K fertiliser inputs into the evolving cropping sequences in the Western Regionand aims to provide clarity to critical soil analysis values and recommendations for a number of crops.


    Summit’s role in this project is to provide Phosphorus trials, and some potassium trials as well.

    This is a large project with Summit’s role in 2018 being 6 trials located at


    • Northern Ag Group – Binnu
    • Mingenew
    • Williams
    • Merredin
    • Yealering


    • East Ballidu

    The results of these trials will add to the pool of data that Summit has amassed from our over 25 years of field research in Western Australia.

  • New Quicker Liquid Loadout at Kwinana

    11 May 2017

    Summit Fertilizers has installed a new liquid fertilizer loadout facility at Kwinana.

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  • SummitConnect

    13 April 2017


    SummitConnect has been updated to make it more user friendly and increase it's functionality.

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