Nick Donkin

Base: Esperance

Mobile: 0428 715 045


Nick is a well known face in farming circles on the South Coast. He comes from a farming background and was the first Summit Fertilizer depot operator in Esperance which he ran from 1991 until 2001.

Recently Nick has taken on the role of Depot Business Manager again. Nick also is a Fertcare Accredited Advisor.

"I have been the Esperance Business Manager for 14 years and thoroughly enjoy both working for Summit and servicing a very successful farming region in the South-East. Summit Fertilizers has been an amazing company to work for and as other employees have moved on thinking it was greener on the other side of the fence, I’ve witnessed many return a year or so later to continue their work with Summit. With over 25 years of Summit in my blood I can truly say such an innovative company keeps it interesting"

Nick has 4 sons so spends a lot of time at kids sports, camping (lots of great camping spots near Esperance), fishing, surfing and diving.

Nick covers the shire of:

  • East Esperance