About Us

At Summit, we’re dedicated to helping WA farms and farming communities prosper by offering an extensive range of high quality fertilizers and technical services.

Backed by a highly experienced Area Manager network and a dedicated Field Research team, we aim to give our customers confidence that they are using the right nutrients in the most profitable way.

Licensed Fertcare® organisation.
Member of the Fertilizer Australia industry association.

Our History

Since our early days as an importer, to having a manufacturing base with a range of state-of-the-art products and services, Summit has grown from strength to strength. Over the years, we’ve led change in the industry by introducing a variety of innovations to the WA market.

Summit Fertilizers Started

A cargo of 5,000 tonnes of DAP was brought into leased premises at Kwinana.

World class blending and despatch facilities introduced

This allowed farmers to custom blend the precise balance of nutrients required for their enterprise.

Soil and plant analysis service introduced
Four innovative fertilizers introduced

DAPSZC® and MAPSZC®: The first high analysis cropping fertilizers to contain sulphur and trace elements in every granule.
VIGOUR: The first broadacre compound trace element NPK in WA.
PASTURE: The first alternative pasture fertilizers to traditional superphosphate in WA.

Compacting plant installed

This enabled sulphate of ammonia byproduct to be converted to a quality top dressing product suitable for blending with urea to produce any ratio of N:S.

Fertilizer fungicide coating introduced

A first for a WA fertilizer supplier.

Six innovative fertilizers introduced
  • No-till and manganese no-till fertilizers: To satisfy the high nutrient requirements of minimum tillage seeding.
  • Maxam: A high quality granular SOA suitable for blending and use through all seeding machinery.
  • AllStar: A perfectly balanced compound NPS and trace element fertilizer.
  • MaxamFLO: The first N:S liquid fertilizer in WA.
  • ZincStar: A high zinc product catering for low zinc or high pH soils.
  • GUSTO: A high analysis compound trace element, sulphate of potash based NPK.
UAN manufacturing facilities built

Built for production of liquid urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN).

Satellite biomass imagery made available

Available at up to two weekly intervals across the agricultural region.

Introduction of new technology
  • SummitConnect: Giving customers online access to orders, despatch summaries and tax invoices for the first time in WA.
  • Nitrogen calculator app: Providing conversions for all Summit nitrogen products.
  • Fuel gauge system: Featuring nitrogen rich strips to guide nitrogen application decisions in-season.
Product innovations:
  • VIGOUR was reformulated with increased nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Enhanced coating technology extended to include trace element products.
Formation of dedicated field research team

Formed to drive technical capability and enhance value for customers purchasing Summit fertilizers.