SummitConnect is our online customer portal, where customers can view both their fertilizer transactions and inSITE soil & plant test history. SummitConnect is now available on the Summit Fertilizers App. Download the App on your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play today.

A Simple & Convenient Way to Oversee your Fertilizer Transactions

The user-friendly interface allows current customers to easily view:

  • Orders - See details of all of your orders with Summit, including collection month and payment terms.
  • Collections - View individual fertilizer collections, download loading and weight dockets.
  • Transactions - Review your payments, credit limit, monthly statements and download your tax invoices.

Your inSITE Reports Available Anytime & Anywhere

With our new and improved SummitConnect portal, you can view your entire soil and plant test history, including recommendation reports.

Another exciting feature are trend maps, which allows farmers to visualize how soil nutrients are tracking over time, across different depths and in different paddocks.

In-Season NDVI images are also available through our partnership with DataFarming. The incorporation of NDVI images can be particularly useful for growers and Summit Area Managers, as problem areas in paddocks can be quickly identified and followed up for further investigation by targeted inSITE Soil & Plant testing.

Ultimately, it’s about providing our customers with the most accurate data, in the most accessible way, enabling them to make better decisions with regard to their fertilizer inputs for next season and beyond.

A SummitConnect trend map showing inSITE soil analysis results (soil pH at 10-20cm depth across all years) overlayed with NDVI data. The blue areas indicate higher NDVI readings and the red/orange areas show lower NDVI readings.

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