Technical Services

At Summit Fertilizers, we go further to really understand your soil and work together as your partner providing relevant, useful and impartial recommendations.

To help your farm thrive, we offer a number of services, including soil and plant analysis, and in-paddock fuel gauges. As these services are carried out, your local Summit Area Manager will meet with you regularly to help develop a long term fertilizer strategy, designed to build the value of your farm.

We specialise in

Nutrient Fuel Gauges

With a fuel gauge installed, in-season nutrients can be monitored and measured with ease by our Area Mangers. The information they provide will allow you to make better decisions regarding your in-season fertilizer applications, with the aim of maximizing yield and profit.

All of our services are carried out by our network of full trained Area Managers

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inSITE is our industry leading soil and plant analysis program delivered by our team of Experienced Area Managers. With inSITE, customers receive a full breakdown of test results for individual paddocks, alongside recommendation reports prepared by their Area Manager. Our recommendation reports outline specific product selection advice to deliver the nutrients required to achieve target yields and are based on our Field Research program and our Area Manager experience of local conditions.

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