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Copyright Material

MAP of WA supplied by Department of Land Administration. Perth WA.

1, 2, 3 - Phosphate and Potash institute - USA. Used by kind permission.

4 - Symptoms of Nutrient Disorders - Faba Beans & Field Peas - Snowball and Robson. University of WA
5 - Symptoms of Nutrient Disorders - Sub Clover & Wheat - Snowball and Robson. University of WA.
6 - Symptoms of Nutrient Disorders - Narrow Leaf Lupins. Snowball and Robson. University of WA.
7 - Symptoms of Nutrient Disorders - Sub Clover and Wheat. Snowball & Robson. University of WA.

Other pictures from the Robson and Snowball series include those in the sections on Nitrogen (pictures 1 and 2), Phosphorus (1 and 2), Sulphur (pictures 1 and 2) and Calcium and Magnesium (pictures 1 to 5).

These are used with kind permission.