At Summit we offer three convenient credit options that can help provide flexibility for customers. Once approved for credit, bookings and collections are made even easier, as there is nothing to pay before pick-up. In addition, our Fast Pay and Pay 25 credit is “evergreen” meaning that there is no need to reapply every time fertilizer is purchased.

Fast Pay

  • Direct Debit taken 3 business days after collection.
  • Example: Fertilizer collected Monday ---> Invoice and Direct Debit Advice on Tuesday ---> Direct Debit activated on Thursday.

Pay 25

  • Direct Debit on the 25th of the month following collection. 
  • Example: Collect fertilizer all month long with Invoices sent out daily ---> Receive a Statement at the end of the month ---> Direct Debit Advice on 10th of the new month ---> Direct Debit activated on 25th of the new month

Deferred Harvest Terms

  • For approved customers, collect fertilizer all season long with nothing to pay until January 25th the following year. 

Need More Information?

If you’d like to learn more about the various credit options available or to apply for credit approval, speak with Cheri Bowater, our highly experienced Credit Manager.

Cheri Bowater, Credit Manager
Phone: 08 9439 8903


Summit Fertilizers ABN 49 058 794 737 does not provide financial advice in any way. This is not a financial recommendation. We urge farmers to seek advice from a licensed financial advisor before entering into any credit contract with Summit. Full terms and conditions available on the Summit website.