Plant analysis measures the amount of nutrient contained in the plant at the time of sampling. It is the best indicator of trace elements currently available.

Plant Analysis is Useful for:

  • Measuring what nutrients are available to the plant.
  • Predicting plant nutritional problems during the early growing season. This is especially useful for when there are no visual signs of a nutrient deficiency (hidden hunger).
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the current fertilizer strategy.
  • Detirmining what nutrients are available to grazing animals.
  • Locating specific areas of the paddock where deficiencies of one or more nutrients may occur.
  • Optimizing yields.

Key Benefits of Plant Testing with Summit

  • Independent Laboratory.
  • Rapid turnaround times.
  • Wide range of nutrients measured.
  • Support from Area Managers trained in plant sampling techniques.
  • View and download your plant test reports on the SummitConnect online customer portal.

Nutrients Analysed

Nutrient Symbol Units Used
Nitrogen N %
Phosphorus P %
Potassium K %
Sulphur S %
Calcium Ca %
Magnesium Mg %
Copper Cu ppm
Zinc Zn ppm
Manganese Mn ppm
Boron B ppm
Sodium Na ppm
Iron Fe ppm
Nitrate NO3 ppm
Chloride Cl %
Molybdenum Mo ppm

Plant Sampling Instructions