Sum15-01 Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in Wheat, Ballidu


Part of a trial series to assess how wheat responds to N, P and K fertilizer applications under different conditions, soil P stores and soil PBI across the wheat belt and, locally, how the response may improve yields.

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Table 1: Soil Analysis
Fig 1: Yield & Protein
Fig 2: Yield responses to N & P +- K


  • Application of P and N significantly increased yield in this trial and the addition of K at seeding markedly enhanced yield at all N and P rates.
  • The interaction of all three nutrients was required to optimise yield and return.
  • Maximum yield and gross margins was seen at N 75 kg/ha, P 8-12 kg/ha with K 25kg/ha.
  • Adequate P and K nutrition is imperative, promoting early growth and vigour and setting up the crop to utilise applied N efficiently and gain maximum value from in-season N applications.