Sum16-13 Nitrrogen Timing on Canola

This trial was designed to investigate the use of Nitrogen to shorten the flowering window of RR hybrid canola.
However with the seasonal conditions the trial result of interest has become how late we can apply N to flowering canola and still influence yield and grain quality.

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Table 1: Soil Analysis

Fig 1: Canola Yield and oil content for each timing of nitrogen

Given the seasonal conditions and yields in excess of 2t/ha the total N application of 61 kg N/ha may not be sufficient to fully express a response to timing of application.

Retention of flowers was observed to differ between plots. However the response was not consistent between replicates.
So, we conclude that there was no obvious effect or change in flowering due to the application of 45 L/ha UAN, 25 kg/ha MOP or 70 L/ha MaxamFLO at any stage during the 43Y23 RR canola flowering window.

Gross margins look to favour late N application, but with no significance in yield or oil differences there is no confidence that this is a real treatment effect.

  • Although the kind seasonal conditions may have meant yield potential was missed by sub-optimal application of N, the concept of utilising N application timing to influence the flowering window of canola remains of interest.
  • Repeating the trial to ensure that nutrient limitations do not prevent the expression of treatment differences may be worthwhile.