Sum16-23 Tactical Nitrogen in Oats


Testing and calibrate the extension of the valuable in-season nitrogen calculator from wheat and barley to oats to help mid-season nitrogen decisions and maximise efficiency and returns.

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Fig 1: Yield and protein from increasing nitrogen
Fig 2: Yield Response to N


  • For this trial, the N-calculator based on barley calibration prediction optimised yield and gross margin in oats.
  • Getting mid-season N decisions right can have a significant impact on profitability since optimal top up N rates indicatively increased yields by 400 kg to 600 kg per hectare and net returns by $20 to $50 per hectare.
  • The value of split N applications was shown and the trial provides more weight to the building confidence that the N calculator can provide real and robust N recommendations
    that are not in excess of crop requirement and produce maximum or near maximum margin returns from mid-season N applications.