Sum16-27 Tactical Nitrogen in oats, Wandering


To testing and calibrate the extension of the valuable in-season nitrogen (N) calculator from wheat and barley to oats to help mid-season nitrogen decisions and maximise efficiency and returns.

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Fig 1: Yield and Protein
Fig 2: Oaten Hay Yields and N response in grain


  • The Barley Model In Season Nitrogen Calculator produces a reasonably accurate N recommendation to maximise yield and returns for both oaten grain and hay.
  • The N-calculator rate optimised yield and gross margin for the 40N upfront treatments, whilst slightly under predicting for the 15N upfront treatments.
  • 60kg/ha of N maximised yield and gross margin for the N rate treatments.
  • 40kg/ha of N upfront topped up with the N-calculator rate of 16 kg N/ha 8WAS was the optimal treatment for yield and gross margin under these conditions.
  • The N-calculator again proves to be an effective strategy for predicting N requirements in cereal crops.