Sum18-11 Split N rates


To assess the yield and protein response of wheat to nitrogen (N) fertilizer and to evaluate if there are advantages to applying N upfront or splitting it between sowing and in-season.

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Table 1: Soil Analysis
Figure 1: Yield and Protein Response
Figure 2: Nitrogen Yield Response Curve


  • NDVI values showed a significant increase in plant size with increasing N rate.
  • Grain yield and protein significantly increased with N application.
    60 kg N/ha and 90 kg N/ha all up-front had higher yield and protein than split treatments.
  • At the site under 2018 rainfall conditions yield was maximised by 120 kg N/ha.
  • The most profitable treatment was 90 kg N/ha upfront at $540/ha.
  • The dry conditions in September cut grain fill short, meaning increased screenings limited grain segregations.