SUM19-15: Phosphorus Rates in Chickpeas, Yandanooka


To assess the response of chickpeas to phosphorus (P) fertilizer application on heavy land site SE of Mingenew.

Trial Details

Location: GJ & RJ Spencer, Yandanooka

Trial Size: 5 treatments x 4 reps = 20 plots.

Soil Type: Loam.

Crop Sown: PBA Stricker Chickpeas + Group N inoculum (Alosca), 100 kg/ha, 07/05/2019.

Table 1: Pre-trial soil nutrient analysis.


Figure 1: Emergence counts taken two weeks after emergence, on the 25/06/2019. There was no significant difference in germination with increasing rates of phosphorus applied.
Figure 2: Chickpea yield response curve shows small but non-significant response in yield to increasing P rates with an average harvest yield of 0.84t/ha across the trial. Mitscherlich function fitted.

Key Notes

  • Chickpea yield at the site was lower than anticipated due to dry start and early finish to the growing season.
  • There was a small but non-significant yield response to Phosphorous (P) application at this site, and the value of any yield increases could not justify the cost of increased P..
  • This was not unexpected given the strong P status of the soil down to 20cm and favourable pH, but the impact of dry seasonal conditions through July and into August cannot be understated.
  • Although an anticipated 2t/ha yield was not achieved, the recommendation for nil applied P for chickpeas grown at this site in 2019 was endorsed by the trial results.
  • Chickpea may efficiently take up P from healthy soil stores, but any P management should always be done in conjunction with soil testing to determine soil residual P prior to sowing.

Contact your local Area Manager Juliet McDonald for more details on this trial, 0429 945 332.