SUM19-16: Nitrogen Strategies for Yield and Grain Quality, Dandaragan (WMG)


To assess the response of Scepter wheat to applied high nitrogen rates across a range of application timings, with the purpose of comparing strategies to optimise grain yield and quality in the Dandaragan area.

Trial Details

Location: Kayanaba (WMG Trial Site), Dandaragan.

Trial Size: 13 trts x 4 reps = 52 plots.

Soil Type: Sandy Loam.

Crop Sown: Scepter Wheat, dry sown 30/05/2019, 90kg/ha.

Table 1: Pre-trial soil nutrient analysis



Figure 1: Comparison of early and late in-season nitrogen application on the yield and grain protein accumulation of Scepter wheat.

Key Notes

  • Dandaragan experienced a decile 2 rainfall in 2019, though this was not reflective of the trial productivity due to the water holding capacity and overall quality of the loamy soil at this site.
  • Grain yield averaged 4.6t/ha across the treatments at the site and yield responses of up to 2.5 t/ha were seen from N application.
  • A significant trend of higher yields and returns was found when N was applied early in the season compared with late application at all rates, reinforcing the importance of avoiding “hidden hunger”.
  • Applying N at 5 and 8 weeks after emergence indicatively returned $90 to $150/ha more profit than application at 8 and 12 weeks. Late applications require more N to catch earlier applications in yield but are at an input cost disadvantage.
  • Under 2019 conditions the most profitable treatment was early application of 190 kg N/ha by 8WAE with a gross margin of $1360/ha.

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