SUM20.07b: Effects of Seed Manganese Concentration in Lupins, Eradu


This trial aims to utilise seed retained from SUM19.19 to assess the growth and performance of Barlock and Jurien lupin seed with different manganese (Mn) concentrations on a low Mn status sandy soil south of Eradu.

Trial Details

Location: Eradu.

Trial Size: 1.61m x 8m, 12 treatments x 4 reps = 48 plots.

Soil Type: Sand.

Crop Sown: Barlock & Jurien Lupin, sown 15/04/2020.

Season Rainfall: 255 mm, BOM Eradu, 25 mm below long-term average.

Table 1: Pre trial soil nutrient analysis.

Table 2: Fertilizer applications and treatments.


Figure 1: Plant emergence at the five-leaf stage on 23/06/2020. Data presented as the mean of four replicates, with an average emergence of 42 plants/m2. Emergence was consistent across the trial, with the highest emergence coming from Seed 20+.

Figure 2: Individual harvest yield displayed as the mean of 4 replicates. Jurien had a higher yield than Barlock across all treatments.

Figure 3: Split seed count displayed as the mean of four replicates. Split seed counts slightly decreased with increasing seed Mn concentration.

Key Messages

  • Increased Mn concentrations in seed improved germination at 90% confidence level but not 95%.
  • Whole top and stem sampling indicated Mn in lupin tissue was not affected by seed Mn concentration.
  • Mn in seed as the only non-soil source of Mn to the crop had limited effect on yield or split seed.
  • The most profitable seed Mn concentration was 20mg/kg in Jurien, returning $1390/ha.
  • Evidence from this trial and the associated 20.07a trial suggests that utilising adequate Mn status lupin seed can improve stored seed viability, improve crop emergence and can have a positive impact on lupin crop profitability.

For further information about this trial please get in touch with local Area Manager Shane Turner,